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I know I know, I point everyone to my website which hasn’t been updated in like 50 years…

So here is a link.

PS. The DASO stuff is just me putting off doing a presentation… a joke.. so relax yourself


Some Photographs

I’m not a photographer. I just like taking photos.

Looking for a star.

If you think your look is similar to, or suits the following photos, get in touch with me. You have to have acting experience, not just catwalk/photographic. Email Please submit Z Card/CV asap, only if you compliment the look.


Daddy's Deals — with love from

The Voice of a New Generation

I don’t do this often, but listen to this Girl’s awesome voice, does such an awesome job of Flyleaf’s I’m so Sick. I see her as this world’s next prolific singer. MARK MY WORDS.

The Matt Suttner Awards 2010

It’s my birthday today (well, it will be by the time I post this), and I’ve decided to kick my time as a 28 year old off with the 1st Annual Matt Suttner Awards. This will feature a completely pompous and self centered look at my best and worst of 2010. Best you pay attention now, due to the likely event that I forget to do this next year.

Worst Airline:

South African Airways – For their constant pursuit of the unhappiness of their customers, their smug ground staff and their SHIT SHIT SHIT food, SAA are without a doubt the winner of this category.

Runner Up: None
Best Airline: 1Time

Best Hotel Breakfast:

The Palace of The Lost City – Consistently the best breakfast, no doubt. Bacon and eggs with some aromatic crispy duck on the side for the AZNs. Awesome awesome buffet.

Runner Up: Melrose Arch Hotel
Worst Breakfast: Garden Court, Durban

Best Party:

The New Sushi Sunday – Not the biggest, but without doubt the party with the most crazed party animals and house heads I have seen in a long LONG time.

Runner Up: Elements at The Lighthouse (One of the smaller parties we did this year, but oh so sweet)
Honourable Mention: House Hotel at The Deck
Worst Party: Unfortunately, strategically I shall not be able to reveal this one.

Best DJ Set:

Blacksheep at Night of The Stars – Nuff Sed, if you were there you will understand this, if not, sorry for you.

Runner Up: Dent and Massiv at The New Sushi Sunday
Worst DJ Set: I dunno what the fuck his name was but he was playing fidget at H20

Album of the Year:

Magnetic Man – Their self titled debut album rocked through the British charts, hitting home in SA as well. I don’t even like dubstep that much but this is some choice work.

Runner Up: Wrestlerish – The Rude Mechanical, runner up despite this photo:

Worst Album: The Black Eyed Peas – Have only heard that Time After Time Cover, and that is enough. What a load of shit.

Best Radio Station:

Vow 90.5FM – Yes, I’m totally biased and yes I do work there, however this is a brand new station with a dedicated team of up and comers who bring an unparalleled energy to the place. The place has grown in style and presence in just a few short months, and the end product of the station already sounds a lot less like a campus radio station than YFM.

Runner Up: Radio 1, London (Still our office stable)
Worst Radio Station: YFM – Someone please pull the plug on that shit…

Fucktard of The Year:

Julias Malema – For his continual embarrassing moments, stupid ignorant statements and ridiculous public image. But maybe this award should go to the people who still support the ANCYL.

Runner Up: The ass petrol pump attendant at Engen Empire Rd who let the ass biker in front of me.
Brilliant Mind of the Year: Chris Maroleng

Best Movie:

Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Still on in SA I think. Go see it.

Runner Up: Get Him to The Greek
Worst Movie: Schuks Tshabalala’s Survival Guide To South Africa 2010 – More hogwash created by the Shuster camp an absolute travesty of churned out, faked, staged ‘candid camera’.

Micro Blogger (Twitterer) of the year:

@Fatjew – Not for the faint of heart! 18+

Runner Up: @bullshitfacts
Worst Micro Blogger: All you motherfuckers who use Twitter as an instant messenger and clog up my feed.

Clothing Brand of The Year:

Puma – From the hottest designer threads, to the Suede campaign to the Puma Social Club, this brand knows whats going on, and thats not going to change any time soon.

Runner Up: Shelflife – An Up ‘n coming street art brand from CT, check them out.
Worst Clothing Brand: Ed Hardy

Breakthrough snack item of the year:

Left over mince mate in a toasted sandwich – Try it.

Runner Up: Quarter chicken at Pantsula Bites, Braamfontein
Worst Snack: Biltong and chocolate do not work as a pizza topping… don’t even try it.

Best TV Ad:

Without a shred of a doubt: Nandos rip of the Cell C campaign.

Runner Up: Cell C Trev Noah Campaign 🙂 Before it got killed.
Worst TV Ad: This weird, cheesy and over acted piece of work from FNB (probably directed by the marketing manager’s nephew)

Best Blog:

Runner Up:
Worst Blog:

Tune in to my new radio show!

I’m very excited to announce that streaming is finally available for my new radio show on VowFM (Voice of Wits). Tune in for the best in NEW music and fresh classics. It’s NOT a house show, there is house, hip hop, dubstep, rock and more! I have a cool co host her name is Mostar… tune in for the 8-10 with Matt Suttner and MoStar. Click the link below to stream live!!!If you wanna listen on the radio the frequency is 90.5fm but be warned it’s the same frequency as Radio Rippel in Pretoria and VowFM is still having signalling issues so if you tune in and hear some wack music, chances are you’re tuned in to the wrong station! So better to stream it.

See you between 8 and 10 tonight!! very excited!!! Please repost and retweet!

Thats right, don’t say we never give you anything.

The launch party for a brand new, very hot sneaker, click below to apply for an invite. Act fast, very limited places.
Brought to you by our friends at Puma, Shelflife and Slymedia.

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Numbers This Weekend!!

So I grew up in East London, an awesome little seaside town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa before I left for Jozi there was a club on the beach front called Numbers… I always wanted to play there. Now, quite a few years later, and a change of venue for the club, this will finally happen. Can’t WAIT for this weekend. Blacksheep will be there this Saturday. Be there. Check the Facebook event out here. If you live somewhere other than East London and you’d like to be at the party click here. 😀 Here is some numbers STUFF I found… See you Saturday!

Goldfish @ Numbers

Some Numbers Photos

Numbers Facebook