I know I know, I point everyone to my website which hasn’t been updated in like 50 years…

So here is a link.


PS. The DASO stuff is just me putting off doing a presentation… a joke.. so relax yourself


Some Photographs

I’m not a photographer. I just like taking photos.

Random Crap! Part Quattro

More crap from the internet underbelly…

It’s art ok…

Some Photography

I do not profess to be a photographer at all, there are far better people for the job. I just like taking photos.

Marketing Strategist The Auckland Park HoodJohannesburg, WITH FREE SMOGCute Girl via SkypeClose up of my pot plant.A close up of a print designed by my beautiful girlfriend.Self Portrait 

Looking for a star.

If you think your look is similar to, or suits the following photos, get in touch with me. You have to have acting experience, not just catwalk/photographic. Email matt@sly.co.za Please submit Z Card/CV asap, only if you compliment the look.


Daddy's Deals — with love from kulula.com

The Voice of a New Generation

I don’t do this often, but listen to this Girl’s awesome voice, does such an awesome job of Flyleaf’s I’m so Sick. I see her as this world’s next prolific singer. MARK MY WORDS.

Matt Suttner & Shawn Lab present DrumBass

This was mixed by my housemate Shawn, and myself. NOTE: If you’ve ever listened to LMFAO and thought “That’s quite catchy/Funky” Then please DO NOT DOWNLOAD the mix. Old school chilled out Drum ‘n Bass, not in your face, but on the case.

Download: MattSuttner_ShawnLab_Drum_Bass


(right click and choose ‘save as’ or ‘save file as’)

Downloads will be limited.